Eifo Ha'Adam?

by tipotanaxaso

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released January 4, 2013

Our thanks and respect:

mixing and recording by Gad Torrefranka
Mastering by Aviad "finkelbert" Albert (finkelbert.com)

Sasha for great beats. kiril and ziv sameach for the drawings.
Iluha and Giora for translation. maya G. Tom sveta, b*a*squat, rogatka, uganda, patiphone, dub el wad, ola, los bananas, sopli gavna, Marmara Streisand, no coast, Devi one, style wars 2, puss power, E.L.D.A, minsk city hardcore!

special thanks to little Tal Jacobson!

much respect to antifascist movements!
to Tel Aviv crew, Jerusalem crew!
all our friends,
all the free boys and girls out there,
Without all of you this album would not be exist!
free Palestine!



all rights reserved


tipotanaxaso Israel

political, underground hip hop from israHELL

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Track Name: Ravnodushie

Everything this city offers is desperation
Watch how people are acting as accidentally hiding from each other
Including themselves, and that’s not during the peak of fright but as a routine of fear
Fear of making decisions-it’s better to take part in crime
As long as you stay anonymous
Hoping that the executioner’s block will skip the nameless and imaginary..
So maintain the ones with no face, no name
So exist the ones who are able to proud of his tribe only
Meanwhile frequently the indifference is not any less suffocation than gas
Being the fundamental slider profiteer for the control of masses
Cap fits!
Gasmask unites us for a reason
Suck the diamond, rape, after all the ecstasy will help you not notice the collapse

Well now do you get that to be free means to be strictly trendy
Pleasing to the customers
Conscience, compassion, analysis and doubt, critical thinking- all that is
Just an obstacle to the great enlightenment
Advancement is quenching of imposed necessities
And exchange of values for surrogate that will ignite like cotton ball
Only when the soldiers will be at the doorstep of your shelter
And the TV remote will not make them vanish
Legs turned to stone! Oh Gods
Where can backup help be found?
The channels are changing, but it’s absolutely impossible to turn over the page
Or turn into a bird. Faces are no longer face, but boots. It makes no sense to scream, blows, steps, silence

Let’s continue? So the replacement of values is powerless
Without the replacement of opinion and here is- prejudice. Fabricated model
Take it and don’t be timid you not handicapped, you're the individual, an a unique type
Let everything around you rot or burn, let the reality scream
You still have a shield and a rainbows prism of the kinescope,
Because you live on the rights side of capitalism,
Let the horoscope be your personal guide to the labyrinth
Where billions TV viewers wander and yeast with visitors,
Refusing to be the owners of their own priceless days
In the appearance of shadows is safer than a human within people..
Track Name: Golosui za rai
Vote for Heaven
Vote for the opportunity to die for heaven, Irreversibly departing to hell,
Or for the opportunity to live in hell, meanwhile thinking you are in the Garden of Eden,
While turning your prayers to the West.
When the distance from an illusion to the alternative equals to the razor, And the results of the harvest on the channel of dreams- paramount. Camouflage the whole bullshit in the bubbly foam.
Critique the ones, whose dreams don’t fit into your cell.
Not so rarely your mirror shows you a marionette.
The truth is caustic, But acidifies by a coin.
That why you take offense to the ones, whose love for the earth Is determined by not the check points.
Whose thirst for living is filled with bridges, but no walls.
Whose opinion is formed by not the TV news, but by the analysis of reality. Whose solidarity with thy neighbor is not based on color of their skin or color of ID either.
Oh God, you are screaming as you are also flying
But also as you are alive,
however you have agreed to the role of your own shadow just to be with everyone together.
Seduced by the myth of an ideal scheme,
Panacea- universal model of painless extinction,
Ask for it yourself.
You were tried to be protected, but apathy- is your shield and sword.
For the ones who saw the cremation ovens
And the ones who is sick of identifying their stability with the grief of a stranger.
The ones who at least ones destroyed the decorations will no longer believe their authenticity,
And it will never be forgotten like a dream of sugary prostration.
The show is over when the demonstrations overgrow into uprisings.
Track Name: Garmonia besporidkov
Harmony of Riots

You can talk about what’s not there
You can be silent about what exists
You can be afraid to get up,
Because there is a probability you could suddenly be locked up. Personally, I believe in vengeance while being unresentful.
I am confident that an evil tendency could lose it potency,
Thanks to disarming of one link,
Or due to counteraction, Committed over the machine.
So that is the picture.
No need to slip me relaxation in the form of nicotine.
Your whole democracy is just supremacy of capital and elite,
but not the people.
Who trusts these mugs? Fuck! Bastards.
State - unfreedom.
Watch with both eyes open!
Observe how logic shatters against the chin of law.
Moral is two-faced, love is cynical, perception is repeatable.
Freedom is no longer ethical.
Even so it also has become so raunchy,
That publicly speaking of it is just indecent, Especially when desperation instead of the calm,
Alike renunciation from life of adaptation
Pours out into street resistance.

Close the curtain, open it up again.
At first a word, after that the siren, then a boulder, hail of stones.
I look into the crowd, I see free people,
Creators, sculptors of their own destiny, their way.
Cooperation, self-management. Punishers are not letting to get through,
the city is cordoned off,
Cops are bloody, hot,
heat from the Molotov cocktails is not letting us freeze.
And that’s not self-goal, but means of struggle against terror.
Singing along our dreams, pigs will be kicked out with shame.

Fools you are tin soldiers, shooting lead
Into your sisters and your brothers, with brass rod across the face,
And your selves will return in zinc box,
Just to rely on copper post mortem.
Shit, that’s brutal as fuck!
Without possessing the present, there will be no future. That’s a fact. That’s why I don’t care, that your decorations Became your contents.
Final gong.
Thousands of broken glass and window cases, banks and large bourgeois stores.
Billions of shards and each one is reflecting A particle of the scream or expression of the children strangled by the hungry death,
Left with no shelter and family, in the womb of alien hell,
Children of slaves and whores, children of idiots, Defaced by the brutal reality of the communal cells,
And all of the people who chocked on the vomit of political combinations. We stay for people, we stay for freedom, and we are against the mechanical scumbags,
The ones that refuse to comprehend, We are against the whole system, for which to be effective, Means to govern, suppress, oppress, control, Hold by authority to eternally stuff their pockets, Perceiving citizens as nothing more than resources,
These are simple things, brother, But the problem is that in the neighbouring supermarket the tights and hand-cuffs for BDSM,
Also the goggles, which break the string of consciousness, that runs from eye to the brain, And all that is on sale. Come on, remove the splinter and quickly choose a comfortable pose.
Track Name: Klishe
from Hebrew to English:

response to the thing cliche the thing itself
cliche but first and respected because in the second already stands around paper mache
it's hard not to get stuck when space is restricted by a shopping cart the rainbow in the network of news and channels passing by
all of a sudden snap shot is a result of a series of mistakes he will discover the secret but what can you do this is life we run to
chase  after filling a role and excuses a clerk take yourself another bag and after a knife

rain drops on charcoal oxygen on the stand there are more tools cultural sacrament it passes the character that doesn't exist
the reality that comes out is that of a reality show yes yes it's harasho
so don't make an effort to find inside the chaos its meaning

entertainer grabs the center of attention coordinator decides when to hate your foes changing the slides he's also a clerk so don't be critical think about your wage flow with the tradition locked inside a bubble because  the family is big but soon it will explode

so in the meanwhile we'll invent a new bomb and cover the eyes of a blind woman there is no terrorist everything is fine in flip flops a nightmare in the fog
looking romantic taking part in pizdetz as a default not being impressed but the solution of the khetz which brings to static drama standing behind apathy
caring isn't relevant caring isn't relevant

loneliness isolation alienation and between them an abyss a beautiful ugliness the power of mammon in the next class we'll learn that our terror is more righteous
less aesthetic pathetic and also glorified transfer is hard when it happens on the other side of the fence everything returns to the root of an equation
which is
Lease, Polis, Police
and of course cliche is the thing
Police, Polis, Lease
Police, Polis, Lease
Track Name: V Otkaz
In Refusal.
New form of life,
New means of death,
New angle of denial
What do we need your rank for,
When it has zero value,
The whole meaning is a mixture of hold backs and pronouns
Putting up settlements, taking down settlements
Populations has disagreements,
But overall everything is domestic-
Not to the right and not to the left: terrorist acts before the elections,
Construction of the apartheid,
air-raid warning,
Soulless are playing God, and soul limited all the way,
Eating shit without complaints and even with interest
Soldiers! Do you care?!
Motherland told you: “You are our dogs, we are your pigs,
You are the participants, and we are the privates,
You put on the uniform of our gang, Now you are representing us,
The first Task: Neutralize the consciousness,
It’s lawful, no need to piss yourself,
Even thought you could be left lifeless,
These facts are usually down low,
But sometimes float up for the increase of the mass self-awareness.

Anyway we cannot without blood,
Because we have an agreement and everything is paid for,
We provide you cover!
Come on develop eloquence for our ties and suits,
About the dangers our motherland is in,
More words, sheep.
When you represent the occupation,
Who gives a shit that on Saturdays you like to indulge,
Lazy consumer, manufacturer of pain,
Where am I going with this?
Oh shit it about free will!
About the true freedom,
Come on, take off your uniform, it’s disgraceful to wear it!
Throw away your weapons, it’s unnecessary in a given situation,
Where are the calls for peace - provocation,
what about the game of security of citizens - profanation.
Look, here I am, the denier,
And I’m not even ashamed or scared to be an example
for The inhabitants of the planet;
if everyone will act the same
The offense will only take the ones,
who crave to hear the bloody chime of coins,
Not to humanity, not to God or wind.
And it won't be worse, otherwise: everyone will breathe in freely.

Turn off your TV screen, turn on your brains,
You’re not a sheep, you can take in the truth nobly

Oh yeah, of course,
It’s inappropriate to doubt in such a holy place
In truth such a unique world-power,
Here the inhabitants in persistent apathy
Cherish the rusty deeds of the democracy,
that resulted in repressions and fascist obscurantism
It’s so much fine to walk on the razor, on the edge of the abyss,
Stare at the abyss,
Not see the abyss.
Without it you are inept, and with it there is no horizon,
Without the sky and without the future, like a zombie,
Examples of extremes, daily madness
You are shown by the reality itself.
War, terror, theft of your rights, theft of your neighbours’ homes,
Your blood is drained,
your raves are based of the stamps of the TV commentators,
You are a mummy only wrapped on the outside, rotten on the inside. What, Holocaust?**
Shut your mouth! Thanks to it they obtained their worth,
Used to crawl on to the world scene.
Conducting so many different parallels,
But they need no outcomes drawn from the history.
Catastrophe and Golgotha: all this will be interpreted in its own way.
Come on and over another one gun clip!

**The meaning of holocaust here is not about as a genocide act that we know and remember, but the political speculation on this subject in order to achieve political interests of israeli government.