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from Hebrew to English:

response to the thing cliche the thing itself
cliche but first and respected because in the second already stands around paper mache
it's hard not to get stuck when space is restricted by a shopping cart the rainbow in the network of news and channels passing by
all of a sudden snap shot is a result of a series of mistakes he will discover the secret but what can you do this is life we run to
chase  after filling a role and excuses a clerk take yourself another bag and after a knife

rain drops on charcoal oxygen on the stand there are more tools cultural sacrament it passes the character that doesn't exist
the reality that comes out is that of a reality show yes yes it's harasho
so don't make an effort to find inside the chaos its meaning

entertainer grabs the center of attention coordinator decides when to hate your foes changing the slides he's also a clerk so don't be critical think about your wage flow with the tradition locked inside a bubble because  the family is big but soon it will explode

so in the meanwhile we'll invent a new bomb and cover the eyes of a blind woman there is no terrorist everything is fine in flip flops a nightmare in the fog
looking romantic taking part in pizdetz as a default not being impressed but the solution of the khetz which brings to static drama standing behind apathy
caring isn't relevant caring isn't relevant

loneliness isolation alienation and between them an abyss a beautiful ugliness the power of mammon in the next class we'll learn that our terror is more righteous
less aesthetic pathetic and also glorified transfer is hard when it happens on the other side of the fence everything returns to the root of an equation
which is
Lease, Polis, Police
and of course cliche is the thing
Police, Polis, Lease
Police, Polis, Lease


from Eifo Ha'Adam?, released January 4, 2013



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tipotanaxaso Israel

political, underground hip hop from israHELL

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