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Everything this city offers is desperation
Watch how people are acting as accidentally hiding from each other
Including themselves, and that’s not during the peak of fright but as a routine of fear
Fear of making decisions-it’s better to take part in crime
As long as you stay anonymous
Hoping that the executioner’s block will skip the nameless and imaginary..
So maintain the ones with no face, no name
So exist the ones who are able to proud of his tribe only
Meanwhile frequently the indifference is not any less suffocation than gas
Being the fundamental slider profiteer for the control of masses
Cap fits!
Gasmask unites us for a reason
Suck the diamond, rape, after all the ecstasy will help you not notice the collapse

Well now do you get that to be free means to be strictly trendy
Pleasing to the customers
Conscience, compassion, analysis and doubt, critical thinking- all that is
Just an obstacle to the great enlightenment
Advancement is quenching of imposed necessities
And exchange of values for surrogate that will ignite like cotton ball
Only when the soldiers will be at the doorstep of your shelter
And the TV remote will not make them vanish
Legs turned to stone! Oh Gods
Where can backup help be found?
The channels are changing, but it’s absolutely impossible to turn over the page
Or turn into a bird. Faces are no longer face, but boots. It makes no sense to scream, blows, steps, silence

Let’s continue? So the replacement of values is powerless
Without the replacement of opinion and here is- prejudice. Fabricated model
Take it and don’t be timid you not handicapped, you're the individual, an a unique type
Let everything around you rot or burn, let the reality scream
You still have a shield and a rainbows prism of the kinescope,
Because you live on the rights side of capitalism,
Let the horoscope be your personal guide to the labyrinth
Where billions TV viewers wander and yeast with visitors,
Refusing to be the owners of their own priceless days
In the appearance of shadows is safer than a human within people..


from Eifo Ha'Adam?, released January 4, 2013



all rights reserved


tipotanaxaso Israel

political, underground hip hop from israHELL

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