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from by tipotanaxaso



In Refusal.
New form of life,
New means of death,
New angle of denial
What do we need your rank for,
When it has zero value,
The whole meaning is a mixture of hold backs and pronouns
Putting up settlements, taking down settlements
Populations has disagreements,
But overall everything is domestic-
Not to the right and not to the left: terrorist acts before the elections,
Construction of the apartheid,
air-raid warning,
Soulless are playing God, and soul limited all the way,
Eating shit without complaints and even with interest
Soldiers! Do you care?!
Motherland told you: “You are our dogs, we are your pigs,
You are the participants, and we are the privates,
You put on the uniform of our gang, Now you are representing us,
The first Task: Neutralize the consciousness,
It’s lawful, no need to piss yourself,
Even thought you could be left lifeless,
These facts are usually down low,
But sometimes float up for the increase of the mass self-awareness.

Anyway we cannot without blood,
Because we have an agreement and everything is paid for,
We provide you cover!
Come on develop eloquence for our ties and suits,
About the dangers our motherland is in,
More words, sheep.
When you represent the occupation,
Who gives a shit that on Saturdays you like to indulge,
Lazy consumer, manufacturer of pain,
Where am I going with this?
Oh shit it about free will!
About the true freedom,
Come on, take off your uniform, it’s disgraceful to wear it!
Throw away your weapons, it’s unnecessary in a given situation,
Where are the calls for peace - provocation,
what about the game of security of citizens - profanation.
Look, here I am, the denier,
And I’m not even ashamed or scared to be an example
for The inhabitants of the planet;
if everyone will act the same
The offense will only take the ones,
who crave to hear the bloody chime of coins,
Not to humanity, not to God or wind.
And it won't be worse, otherwise: everyone will breathe in freely.

Turn off your TV screen, turn on your brains,
You’re not a sheep, you can take in the truth nobly

Oh yeah, of course,
It’s inappropriate to doubt in such a holy place
In truth such a unique world-power,
Here the inhabitants in persistent apathy
Cherish the rusty deeds of the democracy,
that resulted in repressions and fascist obscurantism
It’s so much fine to walk on the razor, on the edge of the abyss,
Stare at the abyss,
Not see the abyss.
Without it you are inept, and with it there is no horizon,
Without the sky and without the future, like a zombie,
Examples of extremes, daily madness
You are shown by the reality itself.
War, terror, theft of your rights, theft of your neighbours’ homes,
Your blood is drained,
your raves are based of the stamps of the TV commentators,
You are a mummy only wrapped on the outside, rotten on the inside. What, Holocaust?**
Shut your mouth! Thanks to it they obtained their worth,
Used to crawl on to the world scene.
Conducting so many different parallels,
But they need no outcomes drawn from the history.
Catastrophe and Golgotha: all this will be interpreted in its own way.
Come on and over another one gun clip!

**The meaning of holocaust here is not about as a genocide act that we know and remember, but the political speculation on this subject in order to achieve political interests of israeli government.


from Eifo Ha'Adam?, released January 4, 2013



all rights reserved


tipotanaxaso Israel

political, underground hip hop from israHELL

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