Golosui za rai

from by tipotanaxaso



Vote for Heaven
Vote for the opportunity to die for heaven, Irreversibly departing to hell,
Or for the opportunity to live in hell, meanwhile thinking you are in the Garden of Eden,
While turning your prayers to the West.
When the distance from an illusion to the alternative equals to the razor, And the results of the harvest on the channel of dreams- paramount. Camouflage the whole bullshit in the bubbly foam.
Critique the ones, whose dreams don’t fit into your cell.
Not so rarely your mirror shows you a marionette.
The truth is caustic, But acidifies by a coin.
That why you take offense to the ones, whose love for the earth Is determined by not the check points.
Whose thirst for living is filled with bridges, but no walls.
Whose opinion is formed by not the TV news, but by the analysis of reality. Whose solidarity with thy neighbor is not based on color of their skin or color of ID either.
Oh God, you are screaming as you are also flying
But also as you are alive,
however you have agreed to the role of your own shadow just to be with everyone together.
Seduced by the myth of an ideal scheme,
Panacea- universal model of painless extinction,
Ask for it yourself.
You were tried to be protected, but apathy- is your shield and sword.
For the ones who saw the cremation ovens
And the ones who is sick of identifying their stability with the grief of a stranger.
The ones who at least ones destroyed the decorations will no longer believe their authenticity,
And it will never be forgotten like a dream of sugary prostration.
The show is over when the demonstrations overgrow into uprisings.


from Eifo Ha'Adam?, released January 4, 2013



all rights reserved


tipotanaxaso Israel

political, underground hip hop from israHELL

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